A Snuggly Sleeping Bag Shaped Like a Giant Pair of Jeans That Easily Fits a Person (or Bear) in Each Leg

Fellisimo, the clever Japanese novelty company, has created a wonderfully snuggly sleeping bag that is shaped like a giant pair of jeans and can easily fit two people (or a person and a bear) – one in each furry lined leg. The bag also comes with a pair of bandana patterned pillows that are perfectly sized to fit in the back pockets of the jeans and can be purchased outside of Japan through the Japan Trends Shop.

The Super Big Wrapped in Warmth Happy Furry Jeans Sleeping Bag by Felissimo might have a mouthful of a name but it truly lives up to it: the incredibly cozy sleeping bag fits two and, best of all, looks like a giant pair of jeans that are fluffy and furry on the inside. It’s soft and comfortable, and can be opened for better ventilation and adjusted depending on how cold you are.

Jeans Sleeping Bag

Jeans Sleeping Bag Open Halfway

Jeans Sleeping Bag Inside Out

Jeans Sleeping Bag Pocket Pillow

Jeans sleeping bag snuggle

Jeans Sleeping Bag Upright

via PR Times Japan, RocketNews24

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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