Vlogger Turns His Hallway Into a Giant Ball Pit for His Beloved Dog With 5,400 Pit Balls from Toys R Us

Dog Ball Pit 5400 Balls Toys R Us

penguinz0 decided to go out to his neighborhood Toys R Us in order to see what kind of deal he could get at their going out of business sale. As it turns out, he was able to purchase colorful pit balls at a really cheap price, so he bought 5,400 of them and transformed his hallway into a giant ball pit for his beloved dog to enjoy.

I’m sure all of you know by now that Toys R Us …they’re going out of business they’re just giving away their fucking inventory for nothing … so I went there and they had these packs of 250 ball pit balls for like two dollars so I bought 5,400 of them bought being the wrong word I basically stole them from them … so what did I do with five thousand four hundred ball pit balls… I made my dog the happiest dog in the world.