Ghost Minitaur, A Nimble Quadruped Robot That Jumps, Flips, and Climbs Over Obstacles

Ghost Minitaur

The Ghost Minitaur by Ghost Robotics is a nimble quadruped robot that jumps, flips, and climbs over obstacles. The robot can be easily controlled by a remote joystick, but can also be equipped with sensors for more autonomous movement.

The introduction video for the Ghost Minitaur demonstrates the robot’s ability to cover difficult terrain, climb stairs, open doors, and even scale a chain link fence.

Ghost Minitaurâ„¢ is a medium-sized legged robot platform. Its high-torque brushless outrunner motors and specialized leg design let this machine run and jump over difficult terrain. High-speed and high-resolution encoders let the machine see the ground through the motors and adapt faster than the blink of an eye.

via New Scientist

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