Ghost Box, A Touch-Controlled Interactive Sound Sculpture Modeled After WWII-era Shortwave Radio

Steve Parker Ghost Box

Ghost Box by artist/musician Steve Parker, is a remarkable interactive sound sculpture modeled after a World War II-era shortwave radio and allows listeners to change the content of the continuous audio feed by pressing on different strings and instruments that have been posted onto to the wall. The audio feed varies from traditional songs to radio signal transmissions to symbolic instruments that have religious meaning. The soundscape is enhanced visually with maps and other historical icons and data.

.When touched, the sculpture plays different looped audio clips of coded transmissions, including Morse Code, spirituals of the Underground Railroad, the shofar, the Hebrew Shofar, and the Iron Age Celtic carnyx. Embedded into the sound sculpture is a series of musical scores on paper that incorporates maps and icons of the WWII Ghost Army, the functional wires of the attached electronics, and map pins.

Ghost Box With Horns

Ghost Box Data

Ghost Box Map

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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