‘George Lucas in Love’ Explores the Origins of Star Wars Through the Eyes of a Young George Lucas

“George Lucas in Love” is a wonderful short film made by Joe Nussbaum in 1999 that tells the original Star Wars film trilogy creation myth through the eyes of a young George Lucas at USC film school in 1967, done in the style of a “Shakespeare in Love” spoof.

Originally released to critical and audience acclaim in 1999, GEORGE LUCAS IN LOVE is a hilarious satire of “Shakespeare in Love” that searches for the ‘true’ origins of the Star Wars saga. A young George Lucas (Martin Hynes) tackles writer’s block while trying to complete his final screenplay for USC Film School and the master storyteller is placed center-screen as he searches for inspiration, ultimately finding it in the colorful and ever-familiar characters that surround him, including Marion (Lisa Jakub), his very own “Leia”, a Yoda-like professor, R2-D2, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Obi-wan Kenobi and many more! Launching the careers of its four young filmmakers – Joe Nussbaum, Tim Dowling, Joseph Levy, and Daniel Shere – GEORGE LUCAS IN LOVE took Hollywood by storm as this parody found its way to the VCRs of virtually every industry bigwig at the time, including George Lucas himself who praised the film as “very funny”. Re-mastered, re-finished and, for the first time, in HD, the 15th Anniversary Edition of this award-winning short film was re-released May 20, 2014. This is a must-see treat for fans packed with comedy, charm, and instantly recognizable moments from the original trilogy they love so much.