The Furthest You Can Travel Without a Passport

As part of his ongoing series about geographical trivia, Sam from Half as Interesting takes a look at the furthest distance a “regular person” can travel without having to show a passport. For French citizens, a trip from Urepel in Southwestern France to the French collectivity island of Vao clocks in at an incredible 17,500 kilometers (10,900 miles). The furthest passport-free distance for those in the United States is 9,500 miles (15,300 kilometers).

If you experience the joys of domestic flying in the US of A, one could…drive from Point Udell in the US Virgin Islands to St. Croix. Fly to San Juan Puerto Rico. Fly to Chicago. Fly to Los Angeles. Fly to Honolulu. Fly to Guam and drive to Point Udell (yeah they were named after brothers). 9,500 miles or 15,300 kilometers lay between these two points, which are both of course in the US, so you wouldn’t need a passport to fly between them, assuming you’re American.