Further Evidence Suggesting That Dogs and Other Mammals Dream Much In the Same Way as Humans

In a recent episode of BrainCraft by PBS Digital Studios, host Vanessa Hill posits the question “Do Dogs Dream” and then explains that several studies involving rats, mice and other mammals, suggest that they dream the same way humans do .

One study at MIT trained rats to run around a circular track for a few a food reward. Researchers monitored their brain during that task and again when they were sleeping. When the rats entered REM sleep, y’know when most dreaming occurs, researchers observed that half of their REM episodes showed the same unique brain activity as when they were running along the track – awake. The memories may even be replayed at about the speed. In fact their brain activity both asleep and awake was so similar that researchers said they could reconstruct where the rat was on the track and whether the rat was running or walking.