Fun Gloves With Cats Whose Tails Perfectly Align With the Wearer’s Index Fingers to Make Them Wag

Japanese apparel company Fellisimo, in partnership with the novelty company YOU + MORE!, created a set of very clever gloves made from conductive material and imprinted with images of really cute cats whose tails align perfectly with the wearer’s index finger, making it look like the cat’s tail is wagging while performing such smartphone activities as swiping, texting, emailing or just checking up on things. Fellisimo is currently accepting orders through December 9, 2015 and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to their cat rescue organization.

Hello. Felissimo cat has begun sales of “cat tail frilly gloves”. And these cat design gloves can be worn while operating a smartphone. As you can see, the portion of the index finger is in the tail of the cat, each time you operate the smartphone, the cat will wag its tail.

Tail Glove Smartphone Cat Glove

Tabby Glove

All Three

Four Gloves

images via Felissimo

via RocketNews24

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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