Unique Fruit Shaped Rubik’s Cube Puzzles

Fruit Rubiks Cubes Set

Puzzle reviewer Shawn Boucké of SpeedCubeReview unboxed a set of Fanxin Series Fruit Cubes, unique fruit-shaped Rubik’s Cube puzzles that are solved by shape rather than color. Boucké demonstrated how to solve the banana puzzle before moving onto the apple puzzle. The lemon puzzle was solved off-camera.

Get your daily fruit serving with the Fanxin Fruit Set Bundle! This set is full of colorful, “delicious” shape-mods! The apple and lemon are a 3×3 shape-mod while the banana is a 2x2x3 shape-mod — all of which are solved by shape rather than color! These are awesome for gifts and even make for a great decoration!

Fruit Rubiks Cube Apple

Fruit Rubiks Cubes

Brandon Cannady of CubeSolveHero also unboxed a set of the puzzles, played with them, and then broke them apart to see the mechanics of the fruits.

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