An Electric Guitar Made Out of French Fries

Artem Mayer of Copper Guitars in Moscow humorously visited his local McDonald’s in disguise in order to purchase enough french fries to build a Les Paul style electric guitar.

I dedicate this video to all french fries lovers, which I myself am…

Mayer cut out the guitar frame and then cleverly put a wire cage around it to hold all the fries, which he then glued in place. He then attached the frame, the electronics, the neck, and a distinctive red container to complete the entire look. He also decorated the headstock and truss with the same theme.

(translated) French Fries Guitar. Real McDonald’s guitar. I’m lovin it! …Our Les Paul’s ultimate roasted headstock with sesame truss burger cap…

French Fries Guitar
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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