Freakshow, Honest Reviews of Web 2.0 Websites


Freakshow, a new blog that provides honest, insightful and critical reviews of Web 2.0 websites, just launched today. The authors of the blog, who all work in the industry, have chosen to remain anonymous in order to maintain a high level of purity of their reviews and eliminate potential bias.

Freakshow is nothing more than a Web site that reviews other Web sites. There is an abundance of industry news and punditry out there, but few complimentary sites dedicated to offering honest opinion and constructive criticism in review form. This is Freakshow’s intent.

The writers here use pseudonyms. They (we) feel they (we) must remain anonymous because they (we) all work inside the industry; either for large web companies, start-ups, or in the investment community. It’s important to note that opinions will not be influenced by the affiliation of the contributor. Inside information or company secrets will never be revealed by the contributing members about their employers or affiliations. This is taken very seriously. All reviews, comments, opinion, features, and other content will be about publically accessible user experiences. Freakshow believes that by being anonymous, there will be no question about the purity of a review or feature. The contributor can maintain complete honesty and offer criticism or praise without speculation of bias or influence.

Calabash Biggles kicked things off with their first review featuring the redesign, which he give an above average 7.1. What other websites would you like to see them review?

Full disclosure: Laughing Squid is a Freakshow media sponsor, in fact we are currently the only non-mega-corporate sponsor.