“Fossil:Fueled” in Reconsidered Materials Exhibit

Fossil Fuels

Flash in Tonyland, an artists’ collective featuring Anthony Campanale, Flash Hopkins, Dana Albany, Tom Kennedy and Phil Mitchell, will be debuting their creation “Fossil:Fueled” at the Reconsidered Materials exhibit, which opens this Friday, February 3rd at San Francisco’s Exploratorium.

Fossil: Fueled is a “resurrected” Pterodactyl constructed, with all the attendant implications, completely of discarded automobile parts. The work comments on fossil fuels as an invention certain to go the way of the dinosaurs from which it was made: destined to disappear, leaving only the residual traces of fossilized bones, but this time strewing the landscape with outmoded automotive parts.

More photos of “Fossil: Fueled” here and here.

UPDATE: Tony has just informed me that “According to Flash, whatever that’s worth, Dr. Hal will orate a dedication expounding on the beast as only Dr. Hal can.”

photo credit: David Calkins