Former Circus Lion Gleefully Rolls in the Grass for the First Time After Being Let Out of His Cage at His New Home

A former circus lion named Will, who spent most of his life in an iron cage, was recently rescued by the Rancho Gnome Sanctuary and let out into his outdoor enclosure at his new home at an African reserve where he gleefully ran his big paws over the earth, rolled around in the cool grass, and scratched playfully at the log next to him. According to the sanctuary, Will can never be let out into the wild due to his many years in captivity.

(translated) This lion, after 13 years imprisoned in a circus, in a tiny, fetid cage where he could barely move, to get the Ranch of the Gnomes had the opportunity to touch the earth and the grass for the first time. The video shows how was this first contact at the time of his release on new home. …First we must clarify that Will was born in captivity (the circus), was already a middle-aged lion and had several consequences of ill-treatment, internal, external and psychological (the animals arrive with torn claws and serrated teeth). Although we were able to drop him into an African reserve (since it is an exotic animal belonging to the African fauna), Will would not be able to live in the wild and would depend on veterinary care and aid to feed. Will was born in Brazil and we did everything possible for him to have a quiet life, although in captivity, but with dignity.

The Rancho Gnome Sanctuary rescues former circus and captive exotic animals and is looking to build a new reserve in Cotia, São Paulo, Brazil. Donations can be made via PayPal on their site.

via Boing Boing