Individual Slices of Pizza Encased in Clear Acrylic

In 2012, we wrote about Brooklyn artist Steph Mantis who took her love for all things pizza and channeled it into an art project that featured encased individual slices in clear lucite. Mantis called it “Forever Pizza”. Since that time, Mantis has created a Pizza Night Light, a brass pepperoni necklace and a toppings t-shirt.

Like the original, each sculpture features a single slice of plain or pepperoni pizza (made by her father at the family’s pizzeria, Pizza By Alex in Biddeford, Maine) steeped in a clear acrylic block. Each piece is as unique as a slice of fresh baked pizza.

When I put a slice of pizza in resin for an art show years ago, I never thought I’d end up making it again, in any capacity. But plans change, everyone loves pizza, and I have a tendency to make very difficult-to-produce objects. (apparently that’s what “art” is) So I took some time to do it right. For me, for the pizza, for you, for humankind; for the love of it all. …Each Forever Slice is unique, just like you.

via swissmiss