Forbes’ Web Celeb 25

Violet Blue

Yesterday Forbes announced their selections for “The Web Celeb 25”, which includes my friends Violet Blue, Xeni Jardin, Robert Scoble, Merlin Mann, Jimmy Wales, Om Malik, Michael Arrington and Jason Calacanis. Congratulations guys!

UPDATE 1: Thomas Hawk makes a great point about how Forbes decided to ignore the Creative Commons license on several of the photos they used for the story by not providing a photo credit for the photographer. Originally the article was using a photo I shot of Merlin Mann for his write-up, but they have since replaced it with a boring screenshot. It appears that they have done the same with the other photos, including Thomas’ photo of Om Malik. All they needed to do is contact me, I would have gladly given them permission to use my photo, I’m sure Thomas would have been the same.

UPDATE 2: Forbes has contacted both Thomas and myself and they are re-instating our photos with proper attribution. I’m really impressed with how Forbes has responded to this issue and hopefully it will encourage other publications to do the same.

photo credit: Eddie Codel