Footage of Hundreds of Caterpillars in a Long Head-to-Tail Caravan

While walking in the mountains, Sweden-based Mehmedsamirs recently captured cool footage of a nearly 13 feet long “caterpillar caravan”, a line of pine processionary caterpillars. These dangerous insects (their barbs contain toxin) can travel long distances in this head-to-tail formation in search of pupation sites. More information about these caterpillars can be found at the SUNY Cortland site.

Mehmedsamirs comments:

…This type of behaviour is common for the caterpillars during their autumn migration before they create a new nest to stay the winter in.

Amazing animals and an impressive co ordination.
By removing one caterpillar the others instantly adapted and reformed the line, and the removed unit was then united in the back of the line. Amazing!


via Tastefully Offensive

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff