Food Artist Creates Anamorphic London Landmarks Out of Sweet Treats

Big Ben sugar art

London-based sugar artist Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art constructed anamorphic versions of London landmarks out of cookies and other treats for the Unexpected Cooking event in Paris. Landmarks represented include Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and The Gherkin.

This picture of Big Ben is created by an optical ilusion when viewing these cleverly aligned London’s famous architecture such as The Shard, The Cheesgrater, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, The London Eye, The Gherkin, Buckingham Palace and Battersea Power Station.

This confectionery art is made entirely in hundreds of biscuits, English shortbread, wafer, chocolate, custard cream, breadsticks, and marshmallow glued together with melted chocolate.

Big Ben Anamorphic Sweet Art close up

Big Ben Anamorphic Sweet Art chart

Big Ben Anamorphic Sweet Art side view

Michelle Sugar Art

images via Michelle Sugar Art

via Foodiggity

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