Flying Squirrel Thrives Under the Care of Her Dedicated Human Who Rescued Her From Near Death

Biscuits on SkateboardSouthern flying squirrel named Biscuits is absolutely thriving under the care of Jeff Longo, a dedicated human who rescued her as a tiny baby from dying in the street under the hot Florida sun, according to a statement that Jeff made about 8 months ago.

This is Biscuits…A southern flying squirrel, I found her half dead, lying on the sidewalk in the Florida sun. I posted pictures on Reddit that day and had a bunch of know it alls tell me she would die, because I am not an animal rehabber…Well Biscuits is about 3 months old now and is super awesome…and healthy. Her favorite food is pecans and she enjoys jumping on everything and terrorizing the dogs.

These photos show the progress that Biscuits has made over the past 11 months. Well done Jeff.

Teeny Tiny Biscuits

Tiny Biscuits sleeping

Biscuits Sleeping

Biscuits at Computer

Biscuits with Buddy

Biscuits Eating

Biscuits after Bath

Biscuits in Pocket

Biscuits  with Nut

images by Jeff Longo

via Petflow

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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