Flippy the Robot Gets Its First Job Flipping Burgers at a CaliBurger Fast Food Restaurant in Pasadena

Last year, Miso Robotics created a robotic kitchen assistant, named Flippy, that was designed to flip, cook, and help prep the perfect burger. According to KTLA 5 News, the wondrous robot has since then received its first job flipping Southern California style burgers at a CaliBurger fast food restaurant in Pasadena.

Flippy uses thermal imaging, 3D and camera vision to sense when to flip – and when to remove. The device also learns through artificial intelligence – basically, the more burgers that Flippy flips, the smarter it gets. Right now, cheese and toppings are added by a co-worker.

In addition to consistency and safety, CaliBurger says the robot can cut down on costs. (read more)

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