Flickr Improves Contact Management

Flickr's New Contact Management

Finally! Flickr has improved how it manages contacts. I’ve wanted this feature since I first started using Flickr back in early 2005.

The changes can be found on your contact lists page.

The one-way contacts feature is especially helpful when looking for friends who made you a contact, that you might have missed. What makes it even better is that it shows their real name (if provided). The number one reason I fail to add a friends in any social network is because I don’t recognize their username.

Now time to start sorting though all of those missed contacts on my Flickr account.

Speaking of friend management, I still think Dopplr has one of the best systems out there, especially their “others you might know feature”.

UPDATE: Sean Bonner points out the sort by most public photos option.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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