Fimoculous Interviews Christopher Poole (moot), The Founder of 4chan

Rex Sorgatz (Fimoculous) has posted an interview he did with Christopher Poole (who goes by the name “moot”), the founder of the infamous internet forum and imageboard 4chan, the birthplace of popular internet memes such as LOLcats, RickRolling and the radical online community Anonymous.

4chan’s original forum /b/ is it’s most popular and controversial.

The Washington Post recently did a profile on Christopher Poole and 4chan and The Wall Street Journal and Time have done stories as well.

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UPDATE 1: Rex notes that 4chan’s /b/ forum has responded. This should be interesting.

UPDATE 2: Jason Scott, who was quoted in the Washington Post article, shares his thoughts about moot as well as pointing out a correction on being misquoted in the article.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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