Beavers Maple and Filbert Give a Tour of Their Cozy Cascade Stream and Pond Lodge at The Oregon Zoo

Filbert, an industrious beaver who lives at the Oregon Zoo where he’s known as the “branch manager” and his partner Maple, aka the “stick broker”, showed off the beautiful lodge where they make their cozy home. The lodge has two sections: a comfy sleeping area where they keep their gathered branches and a passageway to the Cascade Stream and Pond habitat where they can build dams together.

Their house, called a lodge, has two secret doors: One leads to a cozy sleeping area—they often store branches there to chew on in between naps. The other is a water passage into the beavers’ Cascade pond habitat. …The beavers can choose to swim in the pond or lounge in the lodge throughout the day. Because even the hardest-working branch managers in the biz need a place to relax!