Fifth Grade Students Predict the Internet’s Future in a 1995 PSA

In this PSA from 1995, fifth graders from Montana’s Ray Bjork Elementary School answer the question, ‘Why should I be on the Internet?’ with some not-so-wild predictions of how the internet will be used by the time they are college-age. In the video, these students encourage others to find out how to get on the internet at the library to do things like: chat with long-distance friends, visit the planet Jupiter, learn about the rainforest and most importantly, how to get that recipe to make cat food cupcakes from the “Feline Information Page”. Yes!

…The production equipment was made available by the Myrna Loy Center. Cindy Gaffney mentored the students in all phases of production and she also wrote the script. All the Internet possibilities mentioned in the script are today a reality. The production won a local ADDY Award in 1996 for Best PSA.

UPDATE: Montana-based KXLH reporter Marnee Banks is one of the girls featured in the video.




via Dangerous Minds, KMFW

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff