An Oversized Mug That Looks Like a Fender Amp

Fender Amp Mug Desk

Novelty company Paladone, in partnership with Fender Guitars, has created a black mug with a detailed design of a 1965 Twin Reverb amplifier on the front. The mug is also wonderfully oversized in an unusual half-moon shape with a flat face for storing, not stacking. Very rock n’ roll.

The Fender Amp Mug is an officially licensed Fender product. It’s an oversized ceramic mug that will help keep your drink warm. It features the shape and design of the original Fender amp. …This slick Fender Amp Mug is great for lovers of rock n’ roll! It’s also perfect for budding guitar players, Fender fanatics, and music fans in general.

Fender Amp Mug

Amp Mug Fender

via The Awesomer

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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