How to Feed a Hungry Pile of Orphaned Kittens by Hand

Hannah Shaw, the wonderful Kitten Lady showed how she feeds a hungry pile of six orphaned neonatal kittens by hand while giving each of them the attention they need and deserve. She further explains that while other methods attempt to feed all at once, she finds it more productive to give each kitten an opportunity to latch onto the nipple of the bottle.

Now there’s a lot of people out there who will suggest like you know feeding two kittens at one once or like taping a bunch of bottles together but for me I think it’s really important to really like take the one-on-one time with kittens and make sure that they’re truly eating and they’re really latched.

Shaw also plots out the routine that works best for her.

When I’m feeding a group this big I will sometimes just make two bottles just for ease of being able to get to everyone and I usually try to start with the kittens that I think will be easiest to feed. Every kitten is unique so they all have different styles of eating some of them are a little easier to feed.

Feeding Hungry Kittens

Hannah presented the litter to Andrew Marttila, her new cat photographer husband, on their wedding day in April 2023, where they both swore to love and protect these tiny orphans until they could stand on their own.

Since then, the kittens have grown up hearty and healthy. And they’ve all found new loving homes!

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