Feed Digest, A Great Way To Republish Feeds

Feed Digest

Per Marshall Kirkpatrick’s suggestion, I’ve started using Feed Digest to republish squid.us and Squid List feeds on the left-hand sidebar of this blog, as well as adding the Laughing Squid feed to the Squid List sidebar. It’s really easy to setup and highly customizable. You can even combine multiple individual feeds into one digest.

Feed Digest is a parser, regenerator, and syndicator for, and of, RSS and Atom feeds. It lets you do things like:

put the content of RSS or Atom feeds on your own site(s), e.g.:
– get your del.icio.us / digg links on your site automatically
– get your Flickr links on your site automatically
– have automatically updating links to other blogs
– create news alerts and news digests

syndicate your blog’s content and/or links to other sites

mix multiple feeds together into a single feed (Atom and RSS)

convert RSS to Atom, and vice versa

filter RSS and Atom feeds

turn RSS and Atom feeds into a JavaScript include to use anywhere (even free Web space)

turn feed(s) into WAP pages for cellphone use

merge all blog mentions of your company onto a single page

have your local weather update on your page(s) automatically

merge RSS services with your Web site