Candy Making Father Helps His Daughter Build a Fantastic Flaming Trombone for Her Birthday

Flaming Trombone Build

Candy making father Gregory Cohen of Lofty Pursuits (Previously) in Tallahassee, Florida helped his daughter Jane build a fantastic flaming trombone to celebrate her birthday in 2016.

The project, just like the tooting trombone rifle, was a brilliant success.

Cohen narrated the build much in the way he narrates the Lofty Pursuits videos, with a great deal of detail and a bit of storytelling added in.

Lofty Pursuits is usually known for candy, but this video is from the annual Father/Daughter birthday build a few years ago, where this aspiring Trombone Player installed with her dad, Greg from Lofty Pursuits, a flame thrower into a spare Trombone.

In 2019, Jane was promoted to the All-State Band but her mother thinks it’s not a good idea to bring her flaming trombone to performances.

She turned 16 this year, and she made the All State Band. She will not be bringing her Flaming Trombone this year to All-State. Her mom thinks it’s not a good idea. Perhaps next year…

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips