Son Hilariously Documents His Father’s Obsession With Building an Arsenal of Facebook Memes

Filmmaker Dylan LeVine hilariously documented his birthday candle-phobic father Vincent‘s obsession with Facebook and in particular, his overwhelming need to build an arsenal of memes, just in case. The elder LeVine shared how he researched and alphabetized every meme to ensure a full state of readiness should an argument ensue, until it became all he could think about.

His family expressed repeated concern about the amount of time Vincent was spending online, but it was only after he was put on a three day Facebook ban that he realized how much time and energy he was wasting in front of the computer.

These moments where I’ve been banned…these few days of when I can’t use Facebook they have made me realize that there’s there’s more the life than just Facebook. I had a life before I had Facebook, eight nine ten years ago and I forget, that I think my only life is through Facebook. I live in front of the computer, on the screen but I realized that you know before, that I had time to do other things too and I’ve robbed myself of all those moments because I just jump right on Facebook. So I’ve given some strong thought potentially, to take a break and just kind of getting off of Facebook you know for a short period of time just try it and see how it feels.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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