Farm Cat Wears an Insta360 Camera on His Collar

Jake Watson of Corridor Digital, who moved to a small farm in Central Texas, put an Insta360 Go3 camera on the collar of his cat Junior to see life through a feline’s eyes.

A few months ago I moved to a small farm here in Central Texas and as part of that process I inherited well some traditional Farm cats…now here’s the thing with these cats I don’t really know where they sleep or where they go or even what they do during the day and in this video that’s exactly what I’m gonna figure out with the help of the Insta360 Go3 camera.

He returned to Los Angeles to speak with co-workers Wren Weichman and Nick Laurant about making this come true. Laurant brought the camera home to see if it would work on his cat. He finessed the design enough so that Watson could bring it back to Texas. He put the collar camera on Junior and let it run.

I found out where he is most of the time because of the Go3 camera he sleeps in the street. He sleeps right right here on these limbs and he likes to come in here every day, probably because it’s cool and shaded. There’s shelter and well he’s got some company. … He was also getting into the chicken coop I had some concerns about that you know maybe he was going to eat the eggs or mess with the chickens but no they they seem to get along just fine.

Watson also saw that Junior had found a rat but didn’t do anything about it. Watson’s dog Abby, however, did.

 It seems Junior found a rat but ultimately didn’t do anything about it…Now upon discovery of that footage I realized that my cat Junior, well maybe he’s not as good of a mouse hunter as he should be but you know who is? My dog Abby.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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