Fantasy Hike, An App That Tracks Your Steps Through a ‘Lord of the Rings’ Themed Journey to a Volcano

Fantasy Hike

Fantasy Hike: The Walk to Mount Fire is an app by Forge7 that tracks your steps as you journey through a Lord of the Rings themed world to a volcano. You start out as a Halfling who starts walking from their Halfling Hole (Hobbit House).

Fantasy Hike is a beautiful walking tracker for fantasy nerds and everyone that loves adventure. Start your quest today. All steps you take will let your halfling avatar progress through a beautiful fantasy adventure, from your comfy halfling hole all the way to Mount Fire.

The user’s steps are tracked as they make their way through the fantasy map of varying landscapes and topography. It also approximates how long it will take to reach the end of the quest at Mount Fire (Mount Doom).

See how far you’ve walked since your journey started. Fantasy Hike lets you appreciate and be proud of your complete walking distance. Walk your dog, take a morning jog, or “run” between meeting rooms. No matter what you are doing Fantasy Hike supports and motivates you to a healthy lifestyle.


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? The Riders of Rohan – Lord Of The Rings Singers + Orchestra

The app also provides notifications, charts, and daily stats. It also provides synchronization with other apps. You can even choose to compete against a challenger.

 • A complete fantasy quest.

• Several fantasy characters to compete with.

• Receive beautiful achievements.

• Notifications as your quest advances.

• Charts with daily stats.

• Fantasy Map with tracker.

• Very low battery drain.

• Apple Health integration.

• Sync data from your Apple Watch.

• Tracks activity also when closed or in the background.

• Share your achievements on social media.

• Metric and imperial units.

Quest Stats
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