Fandalism, A Directory Site for Musicians to Show Their Skills by Posting Videos & Songs


Fandalism is a “site for musicians to show their skills, post videos and songs, and meet other musicians” created by San Fransisco-based Philip “pud” Kaplan. His goal for Fandalism is to make a “directory of every good musician in the world…” and to create a space “where we can show our skills and connect with other nearby musicians for jamming and whatnot.” You can join Fandalism via their Facebook app. On October 6, 2012, Fandalism is hosting an open jam session in New York City’s Washington Square Park from noon until 3 PM.

Every musician in the world isn’t of Fandalism yet, but there are (exactly) 502,253 musicians here. Which makes it a fun place…

Fun fact: Did you know that 10% of adults are musicians? Specifically, 2% are drummers. TWO PERCENT! Mind blowing right? 6.7% are guitarists if you were wondering.


image via Fandalism