Cocker Spaniel Puppy Mysteriously Faints Like a Goat Whenever He Gets Excited or Scared

A really cute cocker spaniel puppy named Peter has a mysterious condition that causes him to pass out just like a fainting goat whenever he gets excited, tired or scared. Despite his condition, however, Peter is very healthy, happy and quite beloved by his doting humans.

This adorable pooch loves his trips to the park – but a bizarre neurological condition means than when he gets too excited he PASSES OUT. Peter, the one-year-old Cocker Spaniel, suffers from the odd condition that his owners have dubbed ‘fainting goat syndrome’ after the viral videos of goats who randomly freeze and pass out. Vets have no idea why Peter falls over every time he sees some birds or ducks or when he’s scared.

Peter’s humans are currently raising funds so that Pete can see a specialist.

Peter is a bit special however, he has a currently undiagnosed neurological condition which causes him to fall over in certain situations. When he is scared, or excited, or sometimes for no reason at all his legs stiffen up and he topples over. We don’t believe this causes him any pain and aside from this condition he is a perfectly happy and healthy pupper.