Four Little Baby Goats Hilariously Take Turns Trying to Balance on Top of an Inflatable Exercise Ball

Baby Goat Jumping on Exercise Ball

An adorable group of four fainting goat kids took turns jumping onto a gray exercise ball at their home in Vermillion, Ohio. No matter how many times they attempted, not one of them could achieve any semblance of balance, but that didn’t keep them from continually trying.

These adorable baby goats have been caught kidding around with an exercise ball. Owners David, 38 and Tarrah, 31, from Vermilion, Ohio, decided to film their ‘kids’ with an exercise ball on July 18. The four goats known as Fainting Goats can be seen falling off the ball as they attempt to jump up onto it. Ricky is the eight month old black goat, the light brown goat is Lucy and the two baby goats are twins who have not yet been named.