Facebook Is Updating News Feed Controls, You Can Now Select Which Friends and Pages You Want to See First

Facebook is updating their controls for News Feed, the personalized stream of posts you see when you’re on Facebook. You now have the ability to select which friends and pages you see first.

To help prioritize stories, and make sure you don’t miss posts from particular friends and Pages, you can now select which friends and Pages you would like to see at the top of your News Feed.

Within News Feed Preferences, tap on a friend’s profile picture to see their posts first. You will then see any new stories they’ve shared since your last visit to Facebook at the top of News Feed, with a star in the top right of their post so you know why they’re at the top. You can scroll down to see the rest of your News Feed normally.

There are also new features for discovering new Pages to follow as well as helping you select which exisitng friends or pages to follow or unfollow. The new features are currently availble only on iOS, but will be rolling out to Android and the desktop in the near future.

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Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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