Fab Co-Founder Bradford Shellhammer to Launch ‘Bezar’, An Online Shop That Focuses on Emerging Worldwide Designers

Bradford Bezar

Fab co-founder Bradford Shellhammer (my former boss) is in the midst of launching Bezar, an online retailer that focuses on small and emerging artists from around the world. In an interview with Dezeen, Shellhammer said that items will be variety, but the price point will be reasonable.

The company is called Bezar, which is a play on the words bizarre and bazaar. It’s a phonetic spelling of both. And really the idea is not too foreign from what I’ve done in the past. It’s to provide a marketplace and platform for designers and artists. …The other side is to have that go hand in hand with iconic design brands that are launching new products or collaborations. So it will be a launch pad for a more established designers too, to get their stuff out there in a limited-time kind of way. But the core of the business is going to be committed to being the platform for the emerging designers in four disciplines: art, which is mostly graphic arts, prints and posters; jewelry; and what we’re calling house, which is anything in your home. …At Fab we focussed on flash events, relying heavily on discount. Bezar’s Pop-Up Shops are very different. They’re not focussed on discount, but will be curated, timed sales events, where the designs are valuable and the price point will usually not be expensive. We will focus on the designer, their stories and backgrounds, and be a champion of emerging design talent the world over.

Bezar will go live in spring 2015.

Congratulations, Bradford!

Bezar is Coming

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