Excited Jack Russell Terrier With a Mobility Disorder Goes for a Swim With Her Brand New Life Vest

Happy, an excited and appropriately named Jack Russell terrier with generalized ataxia, a neurological disorder that causes mobility issues, recently went for a swim at a nearby lake with her brand new life vest. At all times, Happy remained under the watchful eye of her human from Animal Hope, a Fort Worth, Texas rescue organization that specializes in caring for animals who have physical disabilities or behavioral disorders.

Even with the progress that has been made, there are many pets that slip through the cracks due to medical or behavioral issues. Heartworm positive dogs, animals with traumatic injuries, and companions in need of some training or behavioral correction are all cases that municipal shelters generally do not have the time or resources to place. That is where Animal Hope steps in. Through our partnership with Animal Hospital Southwest, we are able to get injured and sick animals medical treatment that enables them to find homes.

Donations can be made to this wonderful organization through their website.

Animal Hope also created a short video that explains Happy’s history and disorder.

via Tastefully Offensive