A Supercut of Famous Dance Scenes Reimagined in AI

The very creative remix artist¬†Eclectic Method has taken their own 2017 video supercut, “Everybody Wants to Dance”, and completely reimagined it with AI generated characters. All the famous dance scenes are the same, as is the soundtrack by Jamiroquai, as in the original but with an almost rotoscopic feel.

Everybody Wants to Dance AI

Here’s the original video from 2017.

A Dance supercut over house music made from the Jamiroquai line “Everybody wants to dance”. Some of the most notable dance scenes from movie history dating back as far as 1951’s Fred Astaire movie “The Royal Wedding” right up to Ex Machina. There is obviously a healthy dose of John Travolta who appears in more legendary dance scenes than any other actor dancer.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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