ESPN TV Ratings 101, Puppets Explain TV Ratings Process

Television sports channel ESPN worked with creative agency JESS3 to make ESPN TV Ratings 101, an animated short that explains the TV ratings process with “an old-school, 1970’s SportsCenter vibe…using puppets and papercraft”. ESPN was looking for a way to make explaining the process simple and interesting.

The Results: A fun, kitschy-yet-entertaining journey through the way in which television ratings are calculated. The video transports the viewer back to the set of ESPN SportsCenter in the 1970s, where it looks as if nothing has been changed since that time. Two macho, mildly self-obsessed with a touch of Anchorman-esque news anchors, Chip and Clay, take the viewer through the ratings process using a series of visual aids and animations.

via JESS3

images via JESS3

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff