Escape From Berkeley Kick-Off Event & Open House at The Shipyard

Escape From Berkeley

Escape From Berkeley, a road rally of alternatively powered vehicles from Berkeley to the Mexican Border taking place June 12-16, is having a Kick-Off Event and Open House this Saturday, April 18th at The Shipyard in Berkeley.

Kick-off Event / Open House

Saturday, April 18th, 4-7pm
5pm – Rules and Route Review and open discussion
Berkeley Shipyard / All Power Labs
1010 Murray St, Berkeley, CA 94710

The Escape racing season is fast approaching. Thus this Saturday we are gathering at the Shipyard to address related specifics, as well as the people generally associated with them.

Center stage in this is the issues of rules. People keep asking what the rules are, and this year we’re actually going to tell them, in actual writing. Still, no more than one page. Extremely simple– yet clear, precise, and with curatorial gravitas (if such is possible for rules). The rules will be presented at 5pm sharp on Saturday. The general BBQ and gathering is from 4-7pm.

So If you are considering racing this year, or are considering volunteering to help us make the race happen, or are simply considering being around while other people are racing and doing the work to make the racing possible, we encourage you to join us this Saturday at 4pm. There will be a BBQ and some treats. You are encouraged to bring consumables for the grill and ice chest. Utensils will be provided at no additional charge beyond the free gate entry fee.

Thus recap the logistics, this Saturday we are having a gathering to talk about things relating to the Escape from Berkeley (by any non-petroleum means necessary) alt fuels race. This will be a great time to meet other participants, talk about your entry or gathering ideas, find other people to help with your entry, or otherwise muse on the myriad of mobile power solutions available immediately for our needs. This event will be at the Shipyard at 1010 Murray Street in West Berkeley from 4pm to 7pm. The rule discussion will be 5pm sharp.