Escape From Berkeley (By Any Non-Petroleum Means Necessary)

Escape From Berkeley

Escape From Berkeley (By Any Non-Petroleum Means Necessary) is a road rally of alternatively powered vehicles traveling from Berkeley to Las Vegas on October 10th through 13th. A panel of judges will be presenting awards for both artistic and technical achievements. The rally is being organized by Jim Mason and The Shipyard.

Part engineering problem, part artistic opportunity, the rally challenges contestants to start their “engines” on something other than petroleum based fuel, and by any means necessary, cause their “vehicles” show up in Las Vegas three days later- using only fuels/power/motive force scavenged “for free” along the route.

Here’s the current line-up of vehicles and there is still time to register your vehicle if you want to enter. If you would like to help support the rally, you can sponsor the route by the mile or specific landmark. They are also looking for more volunteers.

Neverwas Runabout

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UPDATE: Photos and video of the Escape From Berkeley Vehicle Showcase Party.

photo by Scott Beale

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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