Endangered Emoji, A World Wildlife Fund Campaign to Spread Awareness About Threatened Animals Through Twitter

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has created a set of Endangered Emoji representing 17 different animals who are considered endangered in order to bring awareness to all animals whose species are threatened. The organization asks that a donation be made whenever a person posts any one of these emojis to Twitter.

These 17 emoji animals are real endangered species threatened with extinction. To sign up and help us protect the giant panda, blue whale, Asian elephant and other wonderful animals click the button below and press the retweet button then tweet your favourite endangered species stories using the 17 #EndangeredEmoji in your tweets!…If you don’t use Twitter, but would like to help save real animals from extinction, please make a donation to WWF right here.

    Endangered Animals
    Endangered Animals 2

    images via WWF