EnChroma Cx, Sunglasses For Correcting Color Blindness

EnChroma Cx

The Enchroma Cx line of sunglasses corrects varying types of colorblindless — either protanomalous or deuteranomalous — by selectively adjusting the colors that pass through the lenses. The sunglasses don’t work indoors without exceptionally bright light, weren’t designed to be used with a computer screen, and won’t help colorblind individuals pass the standard Ishihara color test. However, David Pogue of The New York Times tested out the sunglasses himself and had an emotional experience:

I took them outside on a sunny day — and was floored. I mean, I had a visceral reaction to what I saw.

Colors I see just fine — blues, yellows, oranges — looked exactly the same. But all of a sudden, greens and reds looked richer. It’s almost impossible to describe in words.

You can find out more about how the lenses work at EnChroma’s website, and read Pogue’s full review about his experience at The New York Times.

image and video via EnChromatic

via The New York Times, DesignTAXI, The Awesomer