Empatica Embrace, An Multi-Function Watch That Creates Smartphone App Alerts When Wearer Has an Epileptic Seizure

The Empatica Embrace is an attractive multi-function watch that can be used to monitor heart rate, stress levels, and sleep patterns. The watch and its accompanying smartphone app can alert another person when the watch-wearer is having an epileptic seizure or any kind of disruption in the sympathetic nervous system.

Embrace is a watch that looks great on anyone. It can track your activity, stress and overall balance. It is designed to bring a better lifestyle to people that live with Epilepsy: they get an alert when an unusual event happens, like a convulsive seizure, warning them and their loved ones.

Empatica recently raised over 514% of their original funding ask through Indiegogo. The watch is currently available for pre-order, with delivery planned for October 2015. Additionally, Matteo Lai, the Empatica CEO, has stated that with every watch purchased, another one will be donated to a child in need of one.


Embrace Ankle


Embrace Watch

Embrace App App

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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