Loyal Kitten Provides Emotional and Physical Support to Cat With a Progressive Neurological Disease

Geobeats Pets visited with TJ, a wonderful human who is the “mom” to three amazing cats. The first is Murphy, an orange tabby who was rescued from the great outdoors. Next came Pip. Pip is a beautiful gray cat who sadly suffers from the effects of cerebellar abiotrophy, a progressive neurological disease that affects his mobility.

[They] diagnosed him with having this cerebellar abiotrophy which is different from cerebellum hyperplasia because cerebellum hypoplasia is present from birth in kittens and cerebellar abiotrophy shows up later. And it’s progressive.

Next came Indy the kitten, a gorgeous ragdoll mix who is completely enamored with Pip. Indy assists Pip with grooming, balance, and just provides loyal friendship to his shaky buddy.

Indy just followed everywhere and licked him and loved him it just turned into the bromance between Indy and Pip… he plays wild and crazy with Murphy but he and Pip are just inseparable they are just always snuggling and loving and it’s just the cutest relationship ever. We just thought he was gonna be a crazy little kitten and run around with Murphy and he just ended up being just so incredibly loving and gentle with Pip.

This is not to say that Pip needs assistance at all times. In fact, Pip goes out of his way to prove his independence quite a bit despite his disability.

We just made a lot of modifications for him so he can still play and have fun but not hurt himself he’s so proud when he can do things that the other ones can do. so he still tries to be a normal cat as much as he can the only time he’s still is when he’s sound asleep.

No matter what, however, Murphy, Pip, and Indy will always have a loving home for the rest of their lives.

I love being their mom. I love taking care of them. I hope they live for 20 years. Maybe I can love my grandkids as much as I love my kittens.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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