Three Elephant Mums and Their Babies Try to Cross a River Without Getting Swept Away by the Current

Elephants crossing the river

While on location in Africa, BBC Earth captured incredibly dramatic, nail-biting footage showing a herd of elephants attempting to cross a alligator infested river. Amongst the herd were three tiny calves who, despite the best efforts of their mums, had a difficult time keeping their collective trunks above water due to the strong current that kept sweeping them away. The current even became too strong for the adults, who eventually pulled themselves to shore in order to help their babies downstream. One calf came to shore rather easily, but the two who were further downstream had a bit more of a time with it. The adult pachyderms could not reach the calves due to the angle of the slippery riverbank, despite their best efforts. Luckily one of the calfs was able to get solid footing and exited the river with the other calf in tow.

An Elephant family is crossing a river, but the currents are too strong and the calves risk getting swept away.

Elephant Mums on Shore

Elephant Babies Make it to Shore

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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