A Uniquely Delicate Electric Guitar Built Out of a 50 Pound Block of Pink Himalayan Salt

Burl, the creative luthier of Burls Art who’s known for his incredibly unusual musical creations, used a giant 50 pound block of pink Himalayan salt in order to turn it into a guitar. He cut the block down to size, sanded it, and set it in epoxy to hold the two sides together. He then cut it, routed it, drilled it, and connected it to an old neck he had sitting around. While the guitar looks really cool, the fact that it’s so delicate made Burl was very realistic about its playability.

This was easily one of my toughest guitar builds, yet the concept is pretty simple and straightforward but just working with salt as a material is really difficult, I mean if I were to drop it even from just a foot high it’s going to break into a million pieces …even the most minuscule amounts of moisture will cause the finish on the guitar to blemish …This guitar is for sure more of a wall hanger than a player, that is if you’re comfortable hanging something that weighs…20 to 30 pounds on your wall

Salt Guitar