Elder Goat and Cow Are the Best of Friends

Elder Goat Cow Best Friends

Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary in Byron, New York rescued an elder goat named Sid and an elder steer named Ren together after their original caretaker fell ill. According to Janelle, Sid sought out Ren for protection and warmth when times were tough. Even though their circumstances have changed for the better, the pair remain best friends who provide comfort to one another.

They spent a lot of winters together trying to survive without adequate food and shelter and water Rem was like a heating pad and dispersed his body heat to Sid that people survive for many years. …Sid learned this behavior of leaning up against Rem and cuddling him for his body warmth because they spent a lot of time in the winter months with inadequate shelter. That behavior is still present on cold winter nights. That’s what they do.

They also built a special room for the pair because Sid can’t sleep without Rem. Sid, who is 15, thinks of the 11 year old Rem as his child.

We built him his own bedroom because he can’t be separated from REM. He’s his son. Rem is 11. and his entire 11 years has been spent with Sid. hH looks for him constantly makes sure that he’s nearby and that he’s okay.

Janelle realizes that this is a very special bond.

What a treasure it is to witness their bond stronger than ever in the silver years of their lives