Easter Bunny Attacked During Official Visit to San Francisco

BYOBW 2011, San Francisco

photo by Der Dunn

In a shocking demonstration of the need for 24 hour protection of our most treasured holiday icons, the Easter Bunny was attacked by an overzealous fan during the Sacred Rabbit’s official visit to San Francisco on Easter Sunday. Luckily, my team of Santa’s Little Secret Service agents was close at hand to restrain the fan (the Bunny was unharmed.) We were deployed for Operation Trojan Rabbit, a security mission to protect the Easter Bunny during its official visit to San Francisco’s Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race.

This unfortunate incident mars our otherwise impeccable safety record with the Easter Bunny, who we previously escorted during Operation Enduring Cottontail, the Bunny’s 2009 visit to the 30th Anniversary of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.