Musician Performs a Beautiful Song Played on an ‘Ear Pick Piano’ Built Out of Found and Recycled Items

Tokyo musician Sami Elu played for Kuma Films, an original song “The Accountant” on an Ear Pick Piano, an instrument of his own design made out of recycled materials. This stringed percussion instrument appears to be a variation on the Chopsticks Piano he previously built and played.

What does an ear pick piano sound like? Just like the chopstick piano.

In 2017, Elu launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to record an album on his chopstick piano and help build one that is newer and better.

The purpose of this project is to record an album on my existing version of the chopstick piano, but it extends much further beyond that. The money raised here will cover recording and production costs, and if it surpasses the goal, the profits will go towards the development of my new instrument.

Perhaps this is the new instrument to which he refers? Either way, the sound is gorgeous

Here’s the Chopstick Piano Performance from 2016.