‘Dutch Skies’, A Gorgeous Time-Lapse of the Varying Landscapes of The Netherlands Countryside

Filmmaker Stef Kwinten has created “Dutch Skies“, a gorgeous time-lapse film that captures the varying beauty of the different landscapes across the Netherlands. In making the film, Kwinten began to notice the beauty of his country.

After 4 months, lots of shooting and thousands of pictures I finally can present you Dutch Skies.
With this video I want to showcase you the beauty of the Netherlands. This video really opened my eyes about the beauty of the Netherlands. I always was complaining about the Dutch nature because I found it pretty boring without mountains and with lots of light pollution. But after seeing lots of nature in the Netherlands and lots of beautiful sunsets for this project, I finally can say : the Netherlands also got some beautiful nature.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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